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The Great Canadian Potato


At Cavendish Farms®, we never forget where we came from. We are proudly Canadian with roots in our communities as well as in our fields. We’re especially proud of our potatoes; where they come from, how they're grown, and how they help make your family meals tastier and healthier.

Canada has a reputation for making some of the best potatoes and potato products in the world. And why shouldn't we? We’ve been growing potatoes in this country for more than 200 years, so we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to make them great. 

The potato is also Canada’s most important vegetable crop. We plant more than 140,000 hectares of these tasty tubers every year – that’s an area twice the size of Toronto! From here they make it all around the world with almost half a million tons being exported every year.

Plus, Canada has a natural advantage over other countries. Potatoes love to grow in areas that have harsh winters (we’ve got snow to spare!), temperate summers and fertile soils. 

Along with Canadian icons such as the beaver, hockey, and maple syrup, the humble potato is firmly rooted in our nation’s heritage – it’s no wonder our taters are tops!