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Classic cuts for any occasion

The delicious and traditional taste of our classic Cavendish Farms potatoes is what makes these a long-standing family favourite.  Take a look at our variety of cuts and sizes.

New packaging
Straight Cut
Simply cut and simply delicious. A
classic French fry and a family
New packaging
Crinkle Cut
Cut with a crinkle for a crisp and tasty
fry. Perfect for dipping!
New packaging
Long, lean, crisp, and delicious.
New packaging
 Steakhouse  Cut
A thick and hearty steakhouse style cut.
New packaging
Hash Brown Bites 
The delicious taste of our Hash Brown Patties in the perfect bite size. Fun for
kids— and adults!
Diced HB 750g (red bag)
Diced Hash Brown Potatoes 
A family favourite any time of day. Cut from whole potatoes.
New packaging 10ct
Hash Brown Patties 
The perfect patty - delightfully crispy
on the outside and delicious potato
on the inside.
New packaging 10ct
Onion Hash Brown Patties
A twist on our classic patty for those looking to add a little flavour. Made with real onions.
Hash Brown Sticks Bag 2
Hash Brown Sticks
Our exciting innovation on Canada's most popular breakfast item!
Crispy Tempura Onion Rings 2
Crispy Tempura Onion Rings 
Thin cut onion rings with a crispy tempura batter!